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Compensation - EEO Categories OA - Officials and Administrators Occupations in which employees set broad policies, exercise overall responsibility for execution of these policies, or direct individual departments or special phases of the agency's operations, or provide specialized consultation on a regional, district or area basis. Board, license, dairy, livestock; transportationassessors, tax appraisers and investigators, coroners, farm managers, and kindred workers. PR - Professionals Occupations which require specialized and theoretical knowledge which is usually acquired through college training or through work experience and other training which provides comparable knowledge. Personnel and labor relations workers, social workers, doctors, psychologists, registered nurses, economists, dieticians, lawyers, system analysts, accountants, engineers, employment and vocational rehabilitation counselors, teachers or instructors, police and fire captains and lieutenants, librarians, management analysts, airplane pilots and navigators, and kindred workers.

Workers compensation sm

Occupational lung diseases include pneumoconiosis, asthma, and asbestos-related diseases. Changes of structure major contents of the revision Before the amendment to ED-IACIA, there was no category called occupational respiratory diseases because the previous criteria were based on specific hazardous agents and their health effects Table 2.

For example, asthma was described under the health effects of chemicals such as wood dust, animal hair dust, and antibioticschromium and its compounds, and diisocyanates.

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Therefore, if someone diagnosed with asthma wanted to know about the compensation standards, they were required to read all related documents. Furthermore, the agent-based criteria were unknown to both workers and clinicians. To improve this situation, a major OD system-based structure was introduced Table 3.

However, pneumoconiosis remains separated in a special act Act for the Prevention of Pneumoconiosis and Protection of Pneumoconiosis Workers.

Table 2 Previous occupational respiratory disease list in the Enforcement Decree of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act only occupational respiratory disease among all 23 items Open in a separate window Table 3 Revision of specific criteria for the recognition of occupational diseases in Enforcement Decree of Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act Open in a separate window To extend the scope of ODs, well-known representative etiologic agents were added in addition to one disease.

Fifteen agents were added to the existing nineteen agents, one agent vinyl chloride was deleted, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD was added.

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Owing to these changes, in the current criteria, 33 types of agents and 11 types of respiratory diseases are listed under diseases of the respiratory system Table 3. The disease-based descriptions are as follows: Because of the large contribution of smoking to the incidence of COPD, occupational contribution has been overlooked despite the presence of strong evidence for occupational exposure as a non-smoking cause of COPD.

However, specific criteria for occupational COPD recognition are limited to workers exposed to high concentrations of coal mine dust, silica, or cadmium fumes for prolonged periods because COPD is common among the general population.

Through a study of British miners over a yr period, Marine et al. This result eventually became the basis for the current statutory compensation offered to COPD-affected coal miners in the UK 7.

Underground miners and other workers who work with crystalline silica have an increased risk of airflow obstruction independent of radiological silicosis 8. Exposure to cadmium fumes increases the risk of COPD through the induction of pulmonary emphysema in a dose-dependent manner 9.

Asthma, reactive airway dysfunction syndrome RADSand hypersensitivity pneumonitis HP Over agents are known to cause occupational asthma. Well-known etiologic agents such as grain dust, flour, reactive dyes, nickel, cobalt, formaldehyde, aluminum, and acid anhydride were added to the existing list.

Specific and detailed methods of diagnosing asthma due to diisocyanates, such as specific IgE, PEFR variability, and metacholine provocation test, were deleted because such methods are not confined to diisocyanate-induced asthma, and describing such diagnostic methods in the specific criteria is inappropriate.

Furthermore, work-aggravated asthma was added to the criteria. Accordingly, if the condition of a person with asthma is aggravated by their working conditions, the person can claim compensation under IACIA. In the previous criteria, RADS was described as a disease caused only by diisocyanates.

In the current criteria, RADS is described as an independent disease entity, and major etiologic agents such as chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and hydrochloric acid are included. HP was also described as a disease caused only by diisocyanates.

However, in the amendment, well-known chemical agents such as epoxy resin and acid anhydride were added. Asbestosis Asbestosis is defined as parenchymal fibrosis due to asbestos exposure. In general, fibrosis manifests clinically within 20 yr of the onset of exposure.

Asbestos exposure lasting more than 1 yr is necessary for defining occupational exposure to asbestos. However, even sufficiently intense short-term exposure for less than a month can result in asbestosis Chest radiography is the primary tool for asbestosis diagnosis.

Upon chest radiography, small and irregular opacities are evident in the mid and lower lung zones.Your workers’ compensation insurance carrier – Many carriers provide fee-inclusive safety consultation services to their customers.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) – OSHA’s On-site Consultation Program offers free and confidential advice to small and medium-sized businesses. Workers' compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses.

Each state has its own laws and programs for workers' compensation. The federal government also has a separate workers' comp program, mostly for federal. New York State Workers' Compensation Board Home Page.

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Workers compensation sm

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