Why are friends important

You talk with them about every damn thing; share your top secrets and what not. You enjoy with them and spending time with friends is fun always.

Why are friends important

They are there in all the walks of your life, as you deal with a heartbreak, or separation from your parents. Sometimes, it is Why are friends important enough to know someone and their special little habits and it makes your life better. Humans need social connection and interaction and we keep looking for someone to love, but we overlook this platonic relationship of friendship that is better than most soulmates we search for.

Here are some reasons why friends are so important to for us to have a good life: To Spend Time With This is probably the simplest reason why your friends are important, it is because you spend your time with them and enjoy Why are friends important little moments of life.

Some days it might be endless laughter and loads of fun, but there will be some somber days where all you need is comfortable silence.

Your friends will accept you just as you are, they will not question your worth, they will encourage you in your endeavors, and most of all they will never let you feel lonely. From the most boring moments, to the most exciting ones, life becomes better if you have the company of a friend.

Lend A Helping Hand Reassuring words and a pat on the back are not the only things that your friends support you with. Your friends lend a helping hand with the big and small things, with the happy and the sad times.

Social Anxiety and 4 Ways to Help Children With Anxiety Make Friends

Most of all, they share their lives with you, which becomes a blessing of its own. Discovering New and Exciting Things It might be a new band that one of your friends comes across during their endless hours of surfing the internet.

It might even be an obscure foreign language film that someone discovers and then it becomes one of your favorite movies later.

With your friends, life becomes an everyday adventure. Even if you may not be up for trying new things, the mere differences of experiences that you and your friends go through bring a freshness to every new day.

Your friends have seen you at your ugliest and weakest, or maybe even at your worst, and they chose to stay. The best friendships are those which have no pretenses, just the comfort of companionship.

Top 10 Reasons Why Friends are Important - List Dose

Sharing Adventures An adventure could range from bunking the class of that really boring professor or an impromptu trip to a hill station. The joy that we feel sharing camaraderie over such things is what makes friendship so great.

Sharing An Appetite For Joy The combination of good food and good friends is better than anything else in the world and it will never fail to pick up your mood. It might be sharing a lunchbox in office, or sneaking sweets into class, or that expensive restaurant that you have been saving up for since quite some time.

A well-made dish might lift your spirits, but add to that some shared laughs and happy banter and it would make your day. Discovering new cuisines and making your friends try any new recipe you just found, these are experiences that add spice and excitement to your normal routines.

Helping You Grow As A Person This one is possibly the most important part of any friendship, the growth that comes as individuals.

Through the thick and thins of life, through the ups and downs, all the problems and solutions, all the happy and sad days, all the drama and love, your friends help you transform into a different version of yourself. A version that has matured over the months or years, into someone whom your younger self would look up to.

From supporting your ideas, to pointing out your faults, from giving advice to providing solutions and having your back, your friends help you enrich yourself with new experiences.

They Boost Your Self Esteem At some point or the other, everyone needs a confidence boost in their lives. Your friends are a support system that constantly motivates you and keeps your spirits up.

Whether with the sweetest words or just a pat on your back, your friends help you keep your insecurities at bay. If you are nervous about speaking in public, or need to confess something to your mother, or even if you need the energy to finish that last assignment before the deadline, your friends reinforce your confidence and help you regain your self-esteem.

Why are friends important

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Jul 17,  · Just like in life—if you have to buy your friends, are they really your friends? And why should we stop at likes anyway? Why not shoot for LOVE.

Jul 15,  · The period for making B.F.F.’s, the way you did in your teens or early 20s, is pretty much over. It’s time to resign yourself to situational adult friends. By Peter N. Stearns. People live in the present. They plan for and worry about the future. History, however, is the study of the past.

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