Thud terry pratchett essay

Early life[ edit ] Pratchett was born on 28 April [1] [17] in Beaconsfield in BuckinghamshireEngland where he attended Holtspur Schoolthe only child of David — and Eileen Pratchett — ,[ dubious — discuss ] of Hay-on-Wye.

Thud terry pratchett essay

Plot[ edit ] As the book opens, a dwarf demagogueGrag Hamcrusher, is apparently murdered. Ethnic tensions between Ankh-Morpork 's troll and dwarf communities mount in the build-up to the anniversary of the Battle Of Koom Valley, an ancient battle where trolls and dwarves seemingly ambushed each other.

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Meanwhile, Corporal Nobbs and Sergeant Colon begin an investigation into the theft of the fifty-foot painting, The Battle of Koom Valley by the insane artist Methodia Rascal, from a city art gallery. Most of the populace believe the painting holds clues to a treasure hidden in Koom Valley.

Nobbs has a new girlfriend, exotic dancer Tawneee; Nobby Thud terry pratchett essay caught her eye when slipping an IOU into her garter. Other subplots involve the tension between vampires and werewolves new recruit Lance-Constable von Humpeding and Sergeant Anguaand the presence of Vetinari's auditor, A.

Pessimal, in the Watch House. Vimes finds himself pressured by Lord Vetinari to solve the murder quickly, before inter-species war erupts in Ankh-Morpork.

Vimes and Sergeant Angua visit the dwarves' under-city mine, where a nervous dwarf named Helmclever draws a mysterious sign in the spilled coffee on his desk. In a fit of his particular brand of omnidirectional anger, Vimes veers off into the mine where he cuts himself, he supposes, on a locked door.

Later, he convinces the deep down dwarves to allow Captain Carrot to be the "smelter" who looks for the truth of the murder.

Thud terry pratchett essay

When Carrot tries to find that truth, however, he is shown a body that was mutilated after death, and a confusing patch of clues. Angua discovers that a troll really was in the mine at the time of the murder, much to the consternation and fear of the dwarves who claimed a troll did the killing.

This troll turns out to be Brickwho is a gutter troll of the lowest sort, addicted to Troll drugs beginning with "S," such as Slab, Scrape, Slice, Slide etc.

Angua and Sally soon discover four more bodies in the mine, dwarves clearly murdered by other dwarves. One of these dwarves used his own blood to scrawl yet another mysterious rune on the back of a door in the mine—the same door that Commander Vimes accidentally 'cut' himself on the other side of.

The Deep-Downers flee for the mountains, taking the talking cube they found at the bottom of Methodia Rascal's well, and the painting of Koom Valley. The two survive unharmed, thanks to the fighting talents of Vimes and the family butler, Willikins, as well as a dwarf being foolish enough to provoke Sybil's dragons.


Vimes, along with family and several members of the Watch, travels to Koom Valley. He believes he is pursuing justice, but an astute troll king named Mr. Shine and a bright young grag named Bashfulsson know that Vimes is carrying the Summoning Dark, the quasi-demonic entity that wreaks vengeance on dwarves who have done evil in the sight of other dwarves.

Vimes acquired the Summoning Dark when he touched the cursed door in the city mine, but his own internal watchman proves stronger than it is.In "Thud!", through his use of Commander Vimes as a catalyst, Terry Pratchett illustrates his belief that the freedoms of individuals supercede those of cultural identity.

Reminiscent of the race riots in our country's history, the trolls and dwarfs, warring for centuries, are endangering the citizens of Ankh-Morpork with riots, when a 3/5(3).

This page contains a collection of quotes from the Discworld novel Thud by Terry Pratchett. The online home for Sir Terry Pratchett's books, including reading order lists, plus all manner of things Discworld.

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Thud! (Discworld) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once, in a gods-forsaken hellhole called Koom Valley, trolls and dwarfs met in bloody combat.

Centuries later/5(). Lord Vetinari's game of choice! The original Discworld board game, an ancient battle of dwarf and troll as featured in Terry Pratchett's Discworld book Thud! The Theme of Freedom in Thud by Terry Pratchett PAGES 1.

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