The role of personal selling

Tab 4 of 12 Why Bond Prices Fluctuate? Not all bonds are the same.

The role of personal selling

With growing industrialization, the number of producers offering the same or similar products increased thereby increasing the competition in the marketplace.

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Mere production of quality products could not ensure results by itself and the focus now shifted to aggressive salesmanship supported by the sales promotional activities to convince the customers. By the end of last century it became clear that a broader marketing orientation and not mere sales orientation was necessary not only for success but for survival in the cut-throat competition in the marketplace.

The fundamental principles in marketing are: Although expensive, it is often indispensable due to increasing competition and growing sophistication of both customers as well as products.

The fact that personal selling is the single most important promotional method used in the Pharma industry has resulted in a unique situation as far as the marketing orientation in Pharma industry is concerned. As someone who is in constant contact with the customers, markets and competitor activities, a salesperson in Pharma Industry is in the best position to effectively incorporate the marketing orientation in his or her sales function.

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The job profile of a M. A prescription is a written instruction given by a doctor to a patient that tells him which medicine to take at what dosage, how frequently, and for how long.

The patient takes this note to a chemist shop where he purchases the required medicines. Top Customer coverage The M. He also has to collect feedback about the products used by the doctors and satisfactorily resolve any complaints or concerns related to products with help from HO as and when necessary.

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One has to ensure that each and every call made on a customer results in a productive output. And who else is in the best position to provide this information but the M.DVLA pockets £25m in five years selling personal details of motorists DVLA pockets £25m in five years selling personal details of millions of motorists to parking.

Personal selling is a face-to-face communication between seller and buyer to make a sale. Simply put, Personal selling is selling personally. A personal presentation . Dec 03,  · Thirty-eight percent of the salespeople we surveyed in China use personal blogs in their selling process while only 3% of U.S.

salespeople do the same. A New Role . Examine the role of personal selling in regard to the product or service. Research how the product or service is sold; talk to individuals who might be involved in the sales process, or observe to learn more. Analyze how the selling process for this product or service is typically approached.

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The role of personal selling

12 1 3 days ago Image: Website Design, Content. Definition of consultative selling: Personal selling in which a salesperson plays the role of a consultant.

He or she first assists the buyer in identifying his or her needs, and then suggesting products that satisfy those needs.

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