The human eye essay

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The human eye essay

A Brief History The formal story began inwhen a physician named John Langdon The human eye essay published an essay in England in which he described a set of children with common features who were distinct from other children with mental retardation.

Down was superintendent of an asylum for children with mental retardation in Surrey, England when he made the first distinction between children who were cretins later to be found to have hypothyroidism and what he referred to as "Mongoloids.

This ethnic insult came under fire in the early s from Asian genetic researchers, and the term was dropped from scientific use.

Instead, the condition became called "Down's syndrome. In the first part of the twentieth century, there was much speculation of the cause of Down syndrome. The first people to speculate that it might be due to chromosomal abnormalities were Waardenburg and Bleyer in the s.

But it wasn't until that Jerome Lejeune and Patricia Jacobs, working independently, first determined the cause to be trisomy triplication of the 21st chromosome.

Cases of Down syndrome due to translocation and mosaicism see definitions of these below were described over the next three years. They are present in every cell of the body and carry the genetic information needed for that cell to develop.

Genes, which are units of information, are "encoded" in the DNA.

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Human cells normally have 46 chromosomes which can be arranged in 23 pairs. Of these 23, 22 are alike in males and females; these are called the "autosomes. Each member of a pair of chromosomes carries the same information, in that the same genes are in the same spots on the chromosome.

However, variations of that gene "alleles" may be present.

How have ideas about divinity shifted over Christian history?

The first is ordinary cell division "mitosis"by which the body grows. In this method, one cell becomes two cells which have the exact same number and type of chromosomes as the parent cell.

The second method of cell division occurs in the ovaries and testicles "meiosis" and consists of one cell splitting into two, with the resulting cells having half the number of chromosomes of the parent cell. So, normal eggs and sperm cells only have 23 chromosomes instead of This is what a normal set of chromosomes looks like.

Note the 22 evenly paired chromosomes plus the sex chromosomes. The XX means that this person is a female. The test in which blood or skin samples are checked for the number and type of chromosomes is called a karyotype, and the results look like this picture. Many errors can occur during cell division.

In meiosis, the pairs of chromosomes are supposed to split up and go to different spots in the dividing cell; this event is called "disjunction. This means that in the resulting cells, one will have 24 chromosomes and the other will have 22 chromosomes.

This accident is called "nondisjunction.

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Hence the scientific name, trisomy The cause of the nondisjunction error isn't known, but there is definitely connection with maternal age. Research is currently aimed at trying to determine the cause and timing of the nondisjunction event. Here's the karyotype of a male with trisomy Jan 12,  · One of the most common images in Western and Eastern religions alike is of God as a parent and of human beings as God’s children.

Billions pray to God as their parent, invoke the brotherhood and sisterhood of all people to promote peace, and reach out to the weary and troubled out of deep conviction that each of God’s children has great worth. Almost Human is an American science fiction/crime drama that aired from November 17, , through March 3, , on series was created by J.

The human eye essay

H. Wyman for Frequency Films, Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros., Bryan Burk and J. J. Abrams are executive producers. After one season, Fox canceled the series on April 29, Essay on The Human Eye. The Eye is the organ of sight.

Eyes enable people to perform daily tasks and to learn about the world that surrounds them. ADVERTISEMENTS: Eyes are the chief organs of vision in human body and hence termed as photoreceptors. The paired eyes in man are located inside bony sockets of skull called orbits.

An eye is almost a spherical ball, guarded by two eye lids: upper eye . The Human Eye essays1. Fibrous tunic – outer protection and support. • non-elastic (it has the same constant refractory index) • consists of high amounts of collagen fibers • only organ transplanted from one individual to another without rejection • for light refraction.

Homo habilis.

The human eye essay

Homo habilis, which dates to between and million years ago (mya) is named for the Latin term (‘habilis’) meaning “handy, skillful, able” and is one of the earliest species in the genus Homo.

Fossils of alphabetnyc.coms have been found in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa and represent cranial (from the skull), dental (teeth), and postcranial (from the skeleton.

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