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Grizzly Sow glowing in the morning sun. The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear, once an endangered species, is on the rebound. The once ubiquitous Yellowstone Grizzly was as synonymous with a trip to Yellowstone as the obligatory pilgrimage to Old Faithful.

Today it requires more luck to spot a grizzly. My tour clients always ask: The chances of seeing them on my wildlife safaris are much greater because the concentration of the trip is wildlife to the exclusion of geysers and waterfalls.

Bears were once commonly observed along roadsides and within developed areas of Yellowstone National Park. Bears were attracted to these areas by the availability of human food as handouts and unsecured camp groceries and garbage. Although having bears readily visible along roadsides and within developed areas was very popular with the park visitors, it was also considered to be the primary cause of an average of 48 bear-caused human injuries per year from through The Preacher, the biggest Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone InYellowstone National Park initiated an intensive bear management plan with the objectives of restoring the grizzly bear and black bear populations to subsistence on natural forage and reducing bear-caused injuries to humans As part of the bear management program implemented inregulations prohibiting the feeding of bears were strictly enforced, as were regulations requiring that human food be kept secured from bears.

In addition, garbage cans were bear-proofed and garbage dumps within the park were closed. These survivors taught their cubs too live off natural food, and now we have a thriving population of grizzlies in Yellowstone that avoid humans instead of seeking them out. Due to the success of the recovery of the grizzly, they have been removed from federal protection for Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

If removed from threatened status under Endangered Species Act ESAIdaho, Montana, and Wyoming would assume management responsibilities from federal wildlife officials and have greater flexibility in dealing with grizzlies.

When removed from the threatened species list the grizzly will still be protected within the 2.

Sow its610

Grizzly bears are still common in the mountainous regions of western Canada and Alaska; a population estimated at 30, bears. Grizzly ranges overlap extensively, and there is no evidence they are territorial. Occasionally, bears may gather in large numbers at major food sources and form family foraging groups, but grizzlies are generally solitary.

The next goal for many in the grizzly bear recovery field is the Selway-Bitterroot Ecosystem. This would create a wildlife corridor that would enable bears to move between the three ecosystems, strengthening all three populations.

The idea has been coined Y2Y Yukon to Yellowstone. The entire area encompasses almostsquare miles, using dedicated, animals-only overpasses and underpasses. The grizzly bear has the reputation of being the most dangerous animal in North America and although its ferocity is well documented the most dangerous animals are the ones that we think are not, like moose and bison.

Although real danger of attack by a grizzly is minimal as grizzly bears attempt to avoid human contact and will not attack unless startled at close quarters with young, engrossed in a search for food or protecting a kill. Although grizzlies try to avoid contact with humans, when encountered they are unpredictable and should be given plenty of room.

Because of their size and aggressiveness towards threats, grizzly bears have no natural enemies but man. Humans have killed grizzlies throughout history for food, sport, and self-preservation; cubs may be attacked by other bears, mountain lions, or wolves, although this is very rare.

A grizzly bear known as Porcupine crossing the road in Yellowstone National Park. The Grizzly may be active any time of the day, but generally forage for food in the morning and evening and sleep during the heat of the day. Grizzlies move with the seasons with bears sometimes traveling dozens of miles to reach areas of favorable food supplies, such as white pine nuts and berry patches.

Grizzly bears are omnivorous, and will eat almost anything. Their diet changes with seasonal availability of different food sources. They eat a wide variety of plant foods, including grasses, sedges, roots, moss, and bulbs, fruits, nuts, berries, bulbs, and tubers.

They consume insects, fungi, and roots all times of the year; they also dig mice, ground squirrels, marmots, and other animals out of their burrows.

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In the Rockies, grizzly bears are quite carnivorous, hunting moose, elk, mountain sheep, and mountain goats. Occasionally black bears become part of the diet. Grizzly bears have an excellent sense of smell and can follow the scent of a rotting carcass for more than two miles, and with a favorable wind much farther.Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) (FAR Part 45) is equipment that is owned by the government and delivered to, or made available to a contractor.

GFE is normally specified in a Request for Proposal (RFP) or contract. Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide, Grizzly Bears - Ursus Arctos. The Grizzily once inhabited almost all of western North America but, with the arrival of the Europeans in the 's their numbers were reduced until now they are restricted chiefly to the Canadian Rockies and Alaska with a small, healthy and growing population in the Yellowstone Region Grizzilys occupy a variety of habitats.

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