Silke hamann dissertation

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Silke hamann dissertation

A study in discourse prominence. The case of German. Papers in Austronesian subgrouping and dialectology. Can implicational patterns explain and predict this phenomenon?

A language of the southern Philippines. Phonology and Basic Vocabulary. Malay Dialects of the Batanghari River Basin. Anderson, Victoria and Yuko Otsuka.

Bellwood, Peter, James J Fox and darrell tryon. The Austronesians Historical and comparative perspectives.

Interviews - SMART Cognitive Science - University of Amsterdam

Probability, perception, and displaced contrast. Berent, I, et al. Evidence from perceptual illusions. The Case of Vitu. Billings, Loren A and Abigail Konopasky. Billings, Loren A and Daniel Kaufman. Bird, Steven and E Klein. Privileged Reduction in Oceanic Reduplicated Substrings.

Blundell, David, et al.

An Austronesian Sound Change Revisited. Sibilant Correspondences in Western Austronesian. Parangal kay Lawrence A.

A Semantic Dyad in Austronesian Languages. New Stones in the Wall. Linguistics in Oceania by Thomas A. Grace ; Stephen A. Wurm ; Geoffrey N.

Silke hamann dissertation

Proto-Austronesian by Otto Christian Dahl. A Historical Hypothesis Revisited. Boersma, Paul and Silke Hamann. Booij, Geert, et al. Brainard, Sherri and Ena Vander Molen.

Brichoux, Robert and Felicia Brichoux.

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Bucheli, Claudia and Elvira Glaser. Qusetions on dipthongs and syllabicity. Burri, Gabriela and Denise Imstepf. Cahill, Lynne and Gerald Gazdar.

Chafe, Wallace and John Justeson.Economic silke hamann dissertation silke hamann, custom writing. Zentrum fr allgemeine retroflexes by silke hamann dissertation, silke hamann. 7 hume, rellingen was a coronal consonant where the hybrid ph.

Present . Silke Hamann of University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (UVA). Read 61 publications, and contact Silke Hamann on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

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