Sales management lecture note

A proposal is a sales tool that the agent uses to sell the book to the editor — and that the editor uses to sell the book to the publisher and other editors, to the marketing people, possibly to booksellers and other publishers for foreign salesand so forth. So you need to try to make the proposal as accessible as possible. This means that you should consider using charts, side bars, graphics, tests, and so forth to make the proposal as interactive as possible, as well as to make it look interesting on the page: Depending on the material, it often helps to have something to immediately make the proposal accessible.

Sales management lecture note

Risk Bearing Market Information — giving information to suppliers and customers Sales management lecture note competitors, new products, and price developments Management Services and Advice — helping retailers train their sales clerks, improving store layouts and displays, and setting up accounting and inventory control systems.

Independent Intermediaries Independent intermediaries do business with many different manufacturers and many different customers.

Sales management lecture note

Because they are not owned or controlled by any manufacturer, they make it possible for many manufacturers to serve customers throughout the world while keeping prices low. Merchant Wholesalers Merchant wholesalers are independent intermediaries that buy goods from manufacturers and sell to retailers and other B2B customers.

At the same time, because they own the products, they are free to develop their own marketing strategies including setting prices. Merchant wholesalers include full-service merchant wholesalers and limited-service wholesalers. Limited-service wholesalers are comprised of cash-and-carry wholesalers, truck jobbers, drop shippers, mail-order wholesalers, and rack jobbers.

Merchandise Agents or Brokers Merchandise agents or brokers are a second major type of independent intermediary.

Agents and brokers provide services in exchange for commissions. They may or may not take possession of the product, but they never take title; that is, they do not accept legal ownership of the product. Agents normally represent buyers or sellers on an ongoing basis, whereas brokers are employed by clients for a short period of time.

Manufacturer-Owned Intermediaries Manufacturer-owned intermediaries are set up by manufacturers in order to have separate business units that perform all of the functions of independent intermediaries, while at the same time maintaining complete control over the channel.

Sales branches carry inventory and provide sales and service to customers in a specific geographic area. Sales offices do not carry inventory but provide selling functions for the manufacturer in a specific geographic area.

Because they allow members of the sales force to be located close to customers, they reduce selling costs and provide better customer service.

Sales management lecture note

They are often located in or near large merchandise marts, such as the furniture market in High Point, North Carolina. Types of Distribution Channels: Channel Length Distribution channels can be described as being either short or long. A short channel involves few intermediaries.

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A long channel, on the other hand, involves many intermediaries working in succession to move goods from producers to consumers. In general, business products tend to move through shorter channels than consumer products due to geographical concentrations and comparatively few business purchases.

Service firms market primarily through short channels because they sell intangible products and need to maintain personal relationships within their channels. Not-for-profit institutions also tend to work with short, simple, and direct channels.

Please note Table Consumer Channels The simplest and shortest distribution channel is a direct channel. A direct channel carries goods directly from a producer to the business purchaser or consumer. One of the newest means of selling in a direct channel is the Internet. A direct channel may allow the producer to serve its customers better and at a lower price than is possible using a retailer.

Sometimes a direct channel is the only way to sell the product because using channel intermediaries may increase the price above what consumers are willing to pay. Another reason to use a direct channel is control.

Many producers, however, choose to use indirect channels to reach consumers.

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Customers are familiar with certain retailers or other intermediaries and habitually turn to them when looking for what they need. Intermediaries also help producers fulfill the channel functions previously cited. The producer-retailer-consumer channel is the shortest indirect channel.

GE uses this channel when it sells small appliances through large retailers such as Wal-Mart or Sears. The producer-wholesaler-retailer-consumer channel is another common distribution channel in consumer marketing.Sales Management Notes Final.

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Sales Management. Product and Brand Management; A Concise Note on everything about Product and Brand Management. Sales 5/5(6). LECTURE NOTES ON STRATEGIC PLANNING WHAT IS STRATEGIC PLANNING—OR, PUT ANOTHER WAY, WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS OF A STRATEGIC PLAN?

• A strategic plan is an overall defined course of organizational action for a set period of . Chapter 2 Accounting Review: Income Statements and Balance Sheets Chapter Overview The Income Statement The Balance Sheet The Importance of Accounting for Business Operations.

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Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Sales management is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations, and implementing sales techniques that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its .

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