Movie review hoop dreams

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Movie review hoop dreams

Hoop Dreams is a documentary, and is as much about human relations and racial discrimination as it is about basketball. I am not fond of the sport, but had no problem in devoting close to three hours to watch the story of a couple of inner-city kids in Chicago, William Gates and Arthur Agee, and their determination to make it into the NBA.

First, let me give away the ending: Neither of them make it to the NBA. In the movies, when the hero has to make the big free throw to win the game, it always goes in the basket. This is real life, where heroes get nervous and scared, and sometimes just choke up under pressure. The camera captures moments that no actor could duplicate.

Movie review hoop dreams

The only warning here is the illustrious f-word that is heard in a rap song playing on a radio in one scene. Otherwise, the film is free of sex and violence, and the rest of the language is better than what I hear from the kids at the high school down my street.

Hoop Dreams is a film that both adults and teens would benefit from viewing. Starring William Gates, Arthur Agee. Theatrical release October 13, He founded Parent Previews inand today continues to write and broadcast the reviews in newspapers, on radio and of course on the Internet.

His efforts also include writing and researching media in all its forms and observing how it effects society and culture. He and his wife Donna have four children. Does the fact that neither of them saw their hoop dreams come to fruition lessen the importance of the message? Here are some details… DVD release date: Also included are segments from Siskel and Ebert tracking the acclaim for Hoop Dreams, the original music video and theatrical trailers.

The audio track is available in English Dolby Digital 2. Related home video titles: Year of the Yao is another documentary about a a young man—this time from China—who does get drafted by the NBA.Jul 08,  · There is a point in ''Hoop Dreams'' where the story, about two inner-city kids who dream of playing pro basketball, comes to a standstill while the mother of 4/4.

Jul 08,  · There is a point in ''Hoop Dreams'' where the story, about two inner-city kids who dream of playing pro basketball, comes to a standstill while the mother of one of them addresses herself directly to the camera.4/4.

Filmed over a five-year period, Hoop Dreams follows young Arthur Agee and William Gates as they navigate the complex, competitive world of scholastic athletics while striving to overcome the intense pressures of family life and the realities of their Chicago streets.


Hoop Dreams has shown us that the rules of the game are stacked against kids like Gates and Agee. Even better, it shows us how they . Oct 14,  · Watch video · "Hoop Dreams" brilliantly follows multiple parallel stories, bringing the viewer into the lives of two families of inner-city kids looking for a chance at the "big time", their ticket out of the ghetto/10(K).

Hoop Dreams: True Story of Hardship and Triumph, The [Ben Joravsky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For nearly five years Arthur Agee's and William Gates' remarkable lives were chronicled by a team of filmmakers.

Roughly hours of film were devoted to their journeys from the playgrounds to high school competition to college recruitment and -- whittled down to three.

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