Identifying two ways of providing support before during and after a business event

Section 1 — Understand how to support the organisation of a business event 1.

Identifying two ways of providing support before during and after a business event

Bullets will rip through soft breezes while tense bodies advance in search of danger. The crude contrivance of an ingenious enemy will split the formation, disrupt the activity, whet the appetite. An Inspired soldier will answer the call to arms and boundless energies of a razor-sharp force will be unleashed against the ruthless opponent.

The rapid response from the alert rifleman The sudden burst of artillery The devastating air strike Then Silence The sun will seep along its westward path and the darkness of night will prevail upon vigilant eyes Eyes which know the ugly face of death, know the end results of an aggressive tyrant, know the rewards of a world where choice and freedom dictate the way of life.

The triumphs of each day will build the faith of an imperiled society, strengthen the cause for freedom, instill the hope of ultimate peace. The Viet Cong came to the Cu Chi area to rest and relax after a hot battle in the field.

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Other soldiers had passed through the area but none had attempted to stay. And when the 25th Division tried to do what no other division had yet done, they found that it was not an easy assignment.

Stories of the valiant soldiers in Vietnam are repeated over and over again. There is the story of Danny Fernandez, a rare young man admired by his contemporaries - quite cheerful, competent, unselfish.

While on a search and destroy mission with C company, 1st Battalion Mech5th Infantry, Fernandez and his buddies were in a battle position when a grenade came flying in. Fernandez immediately jumped on it and covered it with his own body, shielding the others from the blast. The latest chapter in the story of the 25th Infantry Division begins in a land where tanks meet ox carts at every crossroads, a country where war has become a way of life, a nation on the threshold of progress and prosperity.

The quick draw of those shot gunners was replaced by the: To kill a tiger, learn the ways of the tiger. It was fall of when the U.

Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, asked the Department of the Army for help in protecting the troop-carrying helicopters being used to fight the Viet Cong. By Januarythe 25th Infantry Division had responded to the call and had sent the first group of volunteer Aerial Door gunners to Southeast Asia.

Its members had compiled an enviable record of combat in a modern application of the stagecoach shot gunners of Wild West days. They are called shotgunner by their friends, and a far worse name by the Viet Cong they volunteer to fight. The usual pastoral scene.

See Photos Above It happened fast, yet free from noise and disturbance. More than fully-equipped men were assembled, roll was called, then all hustled into waiting buses.

Destination - Southeast Asia. A few hours later, the Patrick sailed out of sight.

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The engineers who landed 7 September at Cam Ranh Bay, a former French resort area, found little to be reminiscent of home, other than the attitude of the friendly, but reserved Vietnamese people. The more than men dug in on a plain-like area similar to the way Hawaii's Plains of Waianae, home of Schofield Barracks, must have looked around the turn of the century: But American ingenuity and the powerful U.

Tanned from the beaches of Hawaii, where the division had been stationed sinceand lean from the months and years of tough jungle training, the men looked the part of the gallant combat veterans they were to become in the early moments ahead.

At the Pleiku Airstrip there was no time for small talk; no time for stretching legs after the long Pacific flight.

Identifying two ways of providing support before during and after a business event

As Colonel Stoutner loaded his men on convoys for the trip to their new home, a barren patch of land nestled in the Vietnam countryside, a crew of men unloaded the mass of equipment the men brought with them.

Barbed wire barricades surrounded the encampment. In a few short minutes, mortars were pointing at the lurking enemy. His best friend, the rifle, was always within reach. Before the dust settled in the two brigade camp areas, the famed Hawaiian-based division welcomed a contingent of troops from Division Artillery, Support Command, and Division Headquarters in March.

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The final move from Hawaii for the 25th Division was in April when the1st Brigade arrived at Vung Tau and moved to Cu Chi to take its place along side other elements of the division in combat. Before elements of the 2nd brigade could settle back and claim their new piece of real estate at Cu Chi, Vietnam, the entire area had to be cleaned out, and the Viet Cong dragged out of the intricate tunnel complexes which honeycombed the base camp area.

Northeast of the base camp stand the infamous HoBo Woods, a patch of heavy forestation that even crack U. To the north lies War Zone C, reported to be the Viet Cong command center for the whole country, and to the west of the base camp the Vam Co Dong River flows blandly, carrying infiltrated men, supplies, and equipment between the Viet Cong bases.

The once besieged wooded and seemingly impenetrable jungle camp area was leveled and made comparable to a golf course. Elements of the 2nd brigade cut a swath through the area in an effort to destroy extensive Viet Cong tunnels and fortifications and expand the perimeter.

Insurgents were destroyed, enemy ammunition and supply caches were confiscated, mines and booby traps were uncovered and neutralized. While the swinging picks were still hacking into the dusty ground at Cu Chi, putting the finishing touches on tent kits, mess halls and working areas.Learning objective Place in Assessment Describe the range of support activities that may be Question 1 Page 1 required when organising a business event Identify ways of providing support before, during and after Question 2 Page 1 a business event 1.

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When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

Identifying two ways of providing support before during and after a business event

First at all every event must be carefully planed before it. Complete the table below by identifying two ways of providing support before, during and after a business event.

|Before |During |After | /5(1). (4) Minimum requirements for audio description devices.. (i) A public accommodation shall provide at its movie theaters a minimum of one fully operational audio description device for every two movie theater auditoriums exhibiting digital movies and no less than two devices per movie theater.


STAFFORD, Virginia –– Patricio Enterprises, Inc. (PE) is pleased to announce its award of two multiple award (MA) indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts under the Joint Enterprise Omnibus Program, Engineering and Technical Support (JE-OPETS) contract vehicle. During the event there are several activities to support the event such as meeting and greeting, attendee’s admin duties, minute taking, providing information to attendees and serving refreshments.

After the event has taken place the venue has to be cleared and cleaned, writing up minutes and various follow up admin duties.

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