Boing management planning

I need help finding information about Management Planning for Boeing. I need to be able to evaluate Boeing's planning function of management, to analyze impact of legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility on management planning, and to analyze three factors that influence company''s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. I located a wealth of information that should get you started.

Boing management planning

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Boing management planning

Boeing This paper will examine the management planning of the Boeing Company. We will write a custom essay sample on Management Planning: Since then, the Boeing Company earned its place as a major aerospace and defense corporation.

Aside from that, Boeing ranked as the second largest in terms of deliveries around the world and it positioned itself as the second largest defense contractor in the world Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia, It also attends to demand in producing rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems.

This is why the company had sprawled globally in countries and its sales had put it in one of the top U. Boing management planning of these achievements by Boeing can be attributed to its brilliant management planning.

To be an effective and efficient global company, Boeing took advantage of planning to create a long tradition of aerospace leadership and innovation. As a mark of its good leadership, the steady managing of its physical assets had been the evidence of how it attained the top position in the aviation market.

Boeing, being the largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world, faced a huge task in keeping its production on schedule. These parts and assemblies must be completed and delivered on schedule or else the production process will stop and cause unnecessary delays.

As a large company, Boeing developed a systematic procedure for Boing management planning goals and strategies that should define their standards for the future success of their business.

The deliberate pursuit of those standards should be done through their objective-seeking work Roney,p. This is the reason why Boeing invested in a number of new information systems that would enable them to increase production efficiency. This gives the Boeing management the power to plan and control their logistics in every element of its supply chain.

Using Electronic Data Interchange EDI and internet links, Boeing is working with suppliers so that they can provide exactly the right part or assembly at exactly the right time.

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This ERP system automatically generates purchasing data, which is formatted by their supplier network Boeing Suppliers, This enables Boeing to proactively produce engineering specifications and drawings available to its suppliers through secure Internet connections, even before starting an airplane into production.

As work on the airplane progresses, Boeing keeps every member of the supply chain continually informed of completion milestones achieved and necessary schedule changes.

In fact, the effectiveness of their planning by the use of their new systems, Boeing had cut in half the time needed to complete individual assembly processes and it has realized similar reductions in part defect costs.

Instead of waiting 36 months for delivery, customers can now have their new airplanes in 10 to 12 months. Because the management planning focused on increasing their production, the impact of their management planning affected their legal aspect in terms of downsizing.

This is why Boeing faced many legal actions filed against them by previous employees Kirkpatrick, This also affected the ethical stance of Boeing because they could not justify the 30 percent widespread layoff nationwide.

Boeing should not forget its ethical standards by ignoring the rights of some individuals just to promote efficiency and productivity Sims,p. In fact, they introduced the Boeing Dreamliner, which is aimed to provide airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency, resulting in exceptional environmental performance.

The features provide the economic and social benefits of modern air transportation, with the environmental benefits of quiet, fuel-efficient operation.

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Integrated Support Planning & Management Job Opportunities at Boeing Support services needed for the introduction, operation and maintenance of your aircraft What do you need?
Management Planning – the Boeing Company | Free Essays - Boeing is always expanding their product line and meeting customer needs to the best of their ability. Chicago is where the main office is located, but they employ overpeople from across the United States and in 70 different countries.
Related BrainMass Content The larger bonuses are at least in part designed to compensate for the fact that in Boeing changed the pay structure so that managers no longer get paid for overtime. One first-line engineering manager, who asked not to be identified, said that he and his peers, who sign engineering releases, push through certification processes and are responsible for keeping the workplace humming, work lots of mandatory overtime.
StartupBoeing How to Write a Summary of an Article? Boeing also designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communications systems Boeing Company,

Lind explained that Boeing meets the diverse needs of its markets by making it a focused research organization inclined to promote efficiency, productivity and creating partnerships with its clients.

Many employees that were laid-off questioned the process of their dismissal Kirkpatrick, If Boeing wants to establish itself as an ethical organization, it should inform their employees about the processes of evaluation, what type s of monitoring it conducts and how company came into that decision that was implemented by the organization.

It is but ethical that Boeing should adhere to truthful disclosure. Truthful disclosure is a necessary condition for maintaining individual employee rights in a company Ambrose,p. As it is operating in an extremely competitive industry, it should manage its assets well and maintain a high regard for technologies to be able to surpass other aviation companies.

More than aspiring for financial gains, the Boeing Company should be able to create a veritable contingency plan when production is affected by unexpected factors. Aside from managing the quality their asset and technology, it should not forget to manage their own people as well.

It should maintain legal and ethical processes when Boeing decides to cut off its large labor force. Boeing should remember that it is their employees that have to make any strategy work in its creation.

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Bad planning, with regards to its ethical stance to employees can be bad for their reputation. Thus, it is recommended that Boeing should develop a contingency plan of appearing to be transparent when it comes to evaluating the performance of its employees.

Chapter Four Electronic Performance Monitoring: Retrieved July 16, Environment ; Safety. Retrieved July 16,from Boeing Website: On Getting Bounced at Boeing.Boeing Management Planning.

Boeing Management Planning. The management of any organization is presented with the role of running a company. The management completes their task at an organization using four strategic functions.

These include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. 1. I need help finding information about Management Planning for Boeing. I located a wealth of information that should get you started. I attached three informative resources, two articles discussing the management at Boeing, and the other resource is the ethical and legal code at Boeing.

Management planning is an essential part of any organization, especially one as large and complex as Boeing Corporation.

The company operates on an international level, providing products to consumers and clients worldwide. Boeing is known for producing high quality aircraft, for commercial and. Management Planning – Boeing Corporation Management: Theory, Practice and Application/MGT Management Planning – Boeing Corporation Management planning is the first basic process in a series of four fundamental management functions.

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Boeing Management Planning Essay - Abstract This paper will discuss the management planning of Boeing. Boeing, being a leading distributors of aircrafts, satellites and missiles, I will evaluate and analyze the impact of legal issues, ethics and social responsibility in which they carry.

Boeing Corporation Management Planning Boeing Corporation Management Planning Kelli Parnell MGT/ Lisa McClain September 19, Introduction Management planning is an essential part of any organization, especially one as large and complex as Boeing Corporation.

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