Ares the god of war essay

Margaret Rowden Ares was the Greek god of War. The Romans had a similar figure in their religion, whom they called Mars.

Ares the god of war essay

Ares the god of war essay

He is one of the Twelve Olympians, and the son of Zeus and Hera. In Greek literature, he often represents the physical or violent and untamed Ares the god of war essay of war, in contrast to the armored Athena, whose functions as a goddess of intelligence include military strategy and generalship.

Since ancient times the people, in order to solve their differences resorted to the most painful act for humans, war.

The ancient Greek mythology is dominated by two major combat operations: So the Greeks coined a god, Ares, who personified this terrible scourge.

Ares the god of war essay

He was always thirsty for blood and his main feature was the irrational rage and the lack of any courtesy. Ares belongs to the second generation of Olympians.

He was lawful son of Zeus and Hera. His love to cause wars and quarrels made him obnoxious not only to other gods but also to his father Zeus, who never missed an opportunity to attack him and call him a "stubborn head".

The biggest controversy was between Ares with Athena, who was also a war goddess. But Athena was, in parallel, the goddess of wisdom, so she was combining power with intelligence. That's why most of the times she prevailed against bellicose Ares and was bringing him to shame.

The most significant conflicts between them were made during the Trojan War.

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But, seduced by the beauty of Aphrodite, he passed at a critical moment in the opposing faction. For some time, he stood by at the main hero of the Trojans, Hector, who decimated the Achaean warriors, since Achilles was missing from the battlefield.

Hera was indignant with her son who, since childhood, only caused problems, ran to Zeus and asked permission to evict Ares from the battle, injuring him. He accepted, since he was not at all fond of his son. Immediately Hera sent Athena to arrange the matter as she knew.

The wise goddess wore the Kynee, the cap of her uncle Hades, which made her invisible, and jumped at once from Olympus in the Trojan plain. Then she stood on the chariot of Diomedes that started battle with Ares, without knowing of course that he was against an Olympian god.

Ares first threw his bronze spear against mortal warrior, but the unseen Athena repelled it with both her hands and it fell on the ground. He fell wounded on the ground and screamed with a terrible voice that panicked Greeks and Trojans, for he was like ten thousand warriors shouting together.

Then he flew to Mount Olympus shrouded in thick clouds and immediately went to the palace of Zeus. He showed him his wound and while weeping, he started complaining: All gods always do your will and obey your orders. But you can not see Athena who always makes her own.

You never argue with her since you gave birth to her by yourself.

One of those gods, the Greek god of war, exemplifies many qualities which many people expect from him, although strongly disliked by most. The Greek God of war, Ares, is the son of Zeus and Hera (Van Aken 18), and has had difficulties living in the world of the 5/5(2). One of those gods, the Greek god of war, exemplifies many qualities which many people expect from him, although strongly disliked by most. The Greek God of war, Ares, is the son of Zeus and Hera (Van Aken 18), and has had difficulties living in the world of the 5/5(2). is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

And now, she puts a mortal to hit me with his spear and ridicule me! Know that I hate you, because you always like wars, fights and quarrels. You are a stubborn head exactly like your mother Hera. Know that if your father was any other, he would have thrown you in Tartarus, even more below than the Titans.

So Zeus instructed Paionian, doctor of the gods to heal his wound. But in the final battle of the Trojan War all the gods, with the permission of Zeus, ran fully armored in the battlefield. Beside the Trojans arrived dreadful Ares, master archer Artemis, long-haired Phoebus, Leto, the smiling Aphrodite and the river Xanthus.Religions mostly require us to go to a 'holy place of worship' such as a church, mosque or synagoge, and / or to some type of intermediary such as a priest in order to have our connection to god / source / the creator (or whatever you wish to term him / her / it) administered or facilitated to us - by way of them.

Nov 18,  · Ares, the god of war, was known for many things and as well he was a courageous god. He hated all the gods including his father Zeus, except Eris and Aphrodite, Eris was his daughter and Aphrodite was his wife who was his consort.

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